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Active in Case of Technology
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Project Spark

Microsoft Project Spark Launched
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Google Adwords Makeover

Google Announced AdWords Is Getting Makeover
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Windows 10 Launch Event
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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Brand New Windows 10 Kernel Made OS More Safer

Microsoft are doubling down on their efforts to make Windows 10 more secure by announcing that all drivers for fresh installs of the operating system will now have to be digitally signed by the Redmond based business.

But from now on, and starting with Windows 10 version 1607 fresh installations, all new Windows 10 drivers will have to be signed off or Windows 10 wont install them on users’ systems by default.

Fortunately, and in a move governed by common sense, the new policy does not apply to old drivers, just new ones going forward, and also only to new, fresh installations of the operating system.

Systems that already have Windows 10 installed and are just upgrading to the latest version of Windows shouldn’t be affected.

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Internet of Things

The internet of things is superb and BullGuard aims to keep it that way by keeping hackers out of your connected devices with its IoT Scanner.

The Internet of Things has steadily taken off, perhaps not in the overnight world-changing manner that many people hoped, but in the ongoing rollout of connected devices that make our lives easier, safer, and just more fun. From thermostats that track your usage and adjust accordingly to refrigerators that keep up with how much milk you’ve used in order to quietly purchase more for you, IoT innovation is only scratching the surface of its capabilities.

That’s why antivirus software developer BullGuard has issued what they consider the world’s first IoT scanning software, intended to show consumer-level users who else is on their network and potentially tampering with their devices.

“The Internet of Things has moved rapidly from an early adopter market into the mainstream, but in doing so has introduced a range of new security concerns for consumers,” said Paul Lipman, CEO, BullGuard, in a press release. “We’ve made an important first step towards addressing these issues with IoT Scanner, a tool that allows anyone to check if smart devices in their home are secure.”
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WhatsApp Gold download link is malware

The news earlier this month that WhatsApp was rolling out a desktop version for PC and Mac only made the already great messaging and collaboration app even more useful.

But, the link to download WhatsApp Gold is malware that installs data mining software on your computer or smartphone.
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Electrolysis in Firefox 48 Beta

Mozilla is finally rolling out the much-anticipated multi-process feature in its Firefox web browser. Named Electrolysis, this project is being called the biggest change ever made to Firefox. To give you the power-user ability and avoid crashing, Electrolysis will split the Firefox UI and content rendering processes.

Even with such a hugely exciting change, the develop isn’t taking any chances by throwing Electrolysis out there onto every Firefox user’s computer. Following an in-house beta testing period of Electrolysis, Firefox 48 is now in beta, meaning only a tiny percentage of users will even make the transition in order to give Mozilla the much-needed feedback it requires before rolling it out on a broader scale.

Electrolysis will separate UI and rendering processes

In the initial phase, Electrolysis will split the operations used to render web pages and browser’s GUI processes into two different parts. Firefox aims to avoid complete browser crashes with this trick as the browser UI will continue to work even if the rendering functions are crashed.

In the upcoming Firefox versions, Electrolysis will run each extension a separate process. This will help users spot the RAM-hogging extension.

Download Firefox 48 Beta
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Google Adwords Makeover

Google announced that its AdWords is getting a makeover, and has been rebuilt from the ground up, in order to fully accommodate the fact that for most of us, mobile devices are the way we access the World Wide Web.

Google has claimed that searches made from mobile devices are currently growing 50% faster than in any other area, so this new direction makes sense.

Significantly, the move will separate desktop and mobile devices in the way AdWords operates for each type of device.

Advertisers will be given the option to make mobile the primary focus of their campaigns, and also allow them to set different bids for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The way the ads themselves look is changing as well.  Advertisers will now have an increase in headline characters and get one 80 character line description to sell their product instead of the two current 35 character lines.

Google had been considering redesigning the way their AdWords works for some time now, but only recently have felt that the wider world was now ready for the changes.

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Logical AND operator [&&] vs Bitwise AND operator [&] in java


 * @author Technoledgetree
public class Example {
private static int val=0;
private static boolean m2(int k){
return true;
public static void m1(int i){
boolean b;
b=i>=15 && m2(40);  // line 13
b=i>=15 & m2(15);    // line 14
public static void main(String a[]){

Output: 15

  • at line 13, Logical AND operator is used, hence as soon as i>=15 becomes False it stops checking rest of the conditions.
  • at line 14, Bitwise AND operator is used, hence it will do the Bitwise AND operation with both the operands.
  1. In case of Logical AND operation [&&] involving multiple condition, rest are not checked as soon as one of them becomes false, because result will always be false and Similarly, In case of logical OR operator[ || ], remaining conditions are not executed if one of them is true, because as soon as one operand becomes true, result of operation will be true, regardless of result of remaining condition.
  2. Because of skipping nature of Condition check; Logical operators are also called as ` Short Circuit ` operators.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Important Oracle-SQL Topics and references

Data Retrieval manipulation
·         Selecting All Columns
·         Specific Columns
·         Arithmetic Expressions
·         Operator Precedence
·         Concatenation
·         Literal Character Strings

Data Types         
        Numeric Datatypes
        Character Datatypes
        Datetime datatypes
        BLOB/CLOB datatypes

Aggregation and sub queries    
·         The UNION [ALL], INTERSECT, MINUS Operators
·         SQL for Aggregation
Creating & Managing DB Objects            
§  Create table
§  Alter tables
§  truncate
§  Drop
§  Indexes
§  Sequence
Data manipulation         

HQ and DMl,DDL extension        
        Hierarchical Queries
        DDL & DML Extensions         
        Multitable INSERT Statements
        External Tables

Advanced SQL   "SQL Tuning Overview -SQL Statement Processing Basics"
        Explain Plan Basics
        SQL Trace and TKPROF Basics
        Indexes and Basic Access Methods Basics
        Introduction to the Optimizer Basics
        "Optimizer Hints Basics"

        "Gathering Statistics Basics"

TopicsSub topicsReference LinksLearning guide
Data Retrieval/ManipulationData Retrieval manipulation All Columns, Specific Columns, Arithmetic Expressions, Operator Precedence, Concatenation, Literal Character Strings
Data TypesData types Datatypes, Character Datatypes, Datetime datatypes, BLOB/CLOB datatypes
Agreegation and sub queriesThe UNION [ALL], INTERSECT, MINUS Operators
SQL for Aggregation
Creating & Managing DB ObjectsCreate table TABLE syntax and it's clauses
Alter tables Table (Adding, Modifying, Dropping a Column)
truncate the tables
Drop a table
Indexes and managing indexes,Index types
Sequence and usage
Data manipulationManipulating Data (DML), INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, COMMIT and ROLLBACK the full page
HQ and DMl,DDL extensionHierarchical Queries the full page
Multitable INSERT Statements multitable insert
External Tables full page
Advanced SQLSQL Tuning Overview, SQL Statement ProcessingBasics, full page
Explain Plan Basics full page
SQL Trace and TKPROF Basics full page
Indexes and Basic Access Methods Basics Index performance,Fucntion based index,BIT map,IO,
Introduction to the Optimizer Basics full page
Optimizer Hints Basics full page
Gathering Statistics Basics full page

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