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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ubuntu OpenStack

Ubuntu is the world’s most popular operating system for OpenStack.
There’s no faster or more reliable way to build an enterprise-scale cloud,
from provisioning to deployment and management.

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Ubuntu Ready for smartphones

New ‘Save’ Feature in Facebook

You can save those news feed bits and pieces you haven’t had the time to look at.

The good thing about this feature is that saved items are only available for users to view.  However, should you wish to share your save list with your friends, there will be a share-with-friends option.

Another good feature of ‘Save’will be its organisation. Your items will be categorised and you can share items or move things into an archive. You will also get reminders in your news feed so that you don’t forget what you have in your ‘save’folder. You’ll never miss your favourite video again!

In order to view your items in the ‘Save’ list, you simply click on the ‘More’tab on your mobile or click the side panel on the left side of your computer browser.  Very simple!

‘Save’will be available to iOS, Android and Internet web browsers in just a few days.  But if you want any questions answered about the new feature, the Facebook Help Centre is available for questioning.  Facebook is also testing a new ‘buy’option where users can purchase things directly through their news feeds.  We may never have to leave our houses again!